This is a preview of the effects included in Cartoon FX Remaster (not including all their variants).
It can help you decide if you would like to get the pack, or quickly search for an effect.
Camera Shake has been disabled for clarity.

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Effects per Page:


CFXR Big Impact HDR
CFXR Electric Barrier (HDR)
CFXR Electric Explosion + Text
CFXR Electric Explosion
CFXR Electric Surface 2
CFXR Electrified 1
CFXR Electrified 2 (Purple)
CFXR Electrified 3 (Green)
CFXR Explosion 1 + Text
CFXR Explosion 2
CFXR Explosion 3
CFXR Explosion Smoke 1
CFXR Explosion Smoke 2 (HDR)
CFXR Explosion Smoke 2 Solo (HDR)
CFXR Fire Breath
CFXR Fire Ring
CFXR Fireball + Fire Trail
CFXR Fireball
CFXR Firework 1 (Hot)
CFXR Firework 2
CFXR Firework 3 (Multicolor)
CFXR Flamme (calm)
CFXR Flamme (unstable)
CFXR Flamme Candle (unstable)
CFXR Flamme Candle
CFXR Flamme Crisp (unstable, fine)
CFXR Flamme Plain (fine)
CFXR Flash Alt
CFXR Flash
CFXR Gas Leak
CFXR Hit A (Red) + Text
CFXR Hit A (Red)
CFXR Hit B 3D (Blue) + Text
CFXR Hit B 3D (Blue)
CFXR Hit C 3D + Text
CFXR Hit D 3D (Yellow) + Text
CFXR Hit D 3D (Yellow)
CFXR Hit Sparks HDR
CFXR Impact Contrast (Blue, HDR)
CFXR Impact Contrast
CFXR Impact Glowing Cross HDR (Orange)
CFXR Impact Glowing HDR (Blue)
CFXR Impact Glowing HDR (Green, No Flare)
CFXR Lava Splash
CFXR Lightning Strike + Impact (Purple)
CFXR Lines Poof
CFXR Magic Poof + Text Pop
CFXR Magic Poof
CFXR Magical Source
CFXR Portal
CFXR Slash (Blue) + Text
CFXR Slash (Blue)
CFXR Slash (Cross, Orange)
CFXR Smoke Poof + Text
CFXR Smoke Poof
CFXR Smoke Source 3D
CFXR Smoke Source Spiral 3D
CFXR Smoke Source Spiral
CFXR Sparks Impact
CFXR Water Fountain
CFXR Water Ripples
CFXR Water Splash (Small)
CFXR Water Splash (Smaller)
CFXR Water Splash
CFXR Water Sprinkler