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Cartoon FX 3 Remaster
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Cartoon FX 3 Remaster is a free update to Cartoon FX Pack 3, made 9 years after its initial release!
It was time to provide a major update to the popular VFX pack with modern effects, techniques and optimizations; still in all its stylized glory!



CFXR3 Fire Explosion B

CFXR3 Hit Ice B (Air, Green)

CFXR3 Hit Misc E Skull

CFXR3 Hit Light Fireworks (Big)

CFXR3 Fire No Smoke

CFXR3 Suspicious Cloud (White)

CFXR3 Hit Electric B (Air, Cyan)

CFXR3 Hit Fire C (Air)

CFXR3 Hit Leaves A (Lit)

CFXR3 Hit Ice A (Air)

CFXR3 Hit Fire A (Air)

CFXR3 Hit Misc D

CFXR3 Fire

CFXR3 Magic Aura B

CFXR3 Hit Misc F Smoke

CFXR3 Iceball B

CFXR3 Hit Misc F Smoke Only copy

CFXR3 Resurrection Light (Circle)

CFXR3 Hit Light Fireworks

CFXR3 Hit Misc A

CFXR3 Hit Electric A (Air)

CFXR3 Fire Explosion A

CFXR3 Hit Electric A (Air, Purple)

CFXR3 LightGlow C (Loop, Green)

CFXR3 Fireball A

CFXR3 Hit Magical Stars (Rainbow)

CFXR3 Shield Leaves B (Lit)