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Cartoon FX 4 Remaster
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Cartoon FX 4 Remaster is a free update to Cartoon FX Pack 4, made 8 years after its initial release!
It was time to provide a major update to the popular VFX pack with modern effects, techniques and optimizations; still in all its stylized glory!



CFXR4 Sword Trail POISON (360 Spiral)

CFXR4 Sword Trail TECH (360 Spiral)

CFXR4 Firework 1 (Yellow)

CFXR4 Sword Hit GHOST (Cross) + Text

CFXR4 Laser Impact (Orange)

CFXR4 Disintegrate

CFXR4 Sword Trail LIGHT (360 Edge)

CFXR4 Sword Hit POISON (Cross) + Text


CFXR4 Falling Stars

CFXR4 Sword Trail FIRE (360 Edge)

CFXR4 Sword Hit ICE (Cross)

CFXR4 Laser + Trail (Orange)

CFXR4 Rain Falling (Intense)

CFXR4 Explosion (Orange)

CFXR4 Sword Trail ICE (360 Spiral)

CFXR4 Sword Trail GHOST (360 Spiral)

CFXR4 Flamethrower + Smoke

CFXR4 Wave Explosion (Purple)

CFXR4 Bubbles Hit

CFXR4 Plasma Shoot (Blue)

CFXR4 Sword Hit LIGHT (Cross)

CFXR4 Explosion (Purple)

CFXR4 Laser (Orange)

CFXR4 Sword Trail SLASH (360 Spiral)

CFXR4 Sword Hit FIRE (Cross)

CFXR4 Sword Trail TECH (360 Thin Spiral)

CFXR4 Hit Pow Cartoon

CFXR4 Bouncing Glows Bubble

CFXR4 Teleporter Rings

CFXR4 Burning Fire